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From Season 10, Episode 4: A New Home For Babs
Whitney might be overdoing it when it comes to Babs' temporary new apartment.

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You can overdo it and then you can take away okay, she needs a dining table and four chairs.

Well, she doesn't have a dining room.

You just got a living room, daddy, there's a little dining area right on the other side of the of the.

Do you think, do you think that I did not do the interview? Did you look at the floor plan dad? Yes, I did the interactive planning tool and measured everything to a tee.

Oh did you make? Do you think I'm brand new? This is a one bedroom apartment and my sister looks like she's moving into like a three-story house, there's so much in our driveway.

It's also like a 75-inch tv.

It's a little big.

I don't know if you got a big enough truck or not nice to meet you nice to meet you nice to meet you.

I wouldn't do your job for all the money in the world.

Hauling furniture up and down stairs hunter will.

Take you up point out the the big furniture- and I guess we'll start with that and then just this stuff here, yeah cool! Okay, thank you.

Let's go follow! You I am glad the movers have finally showed up, because, even though my dad thinks that I don't know what I'm doing, it's not my first rodeo and I have literally spent days mapping out every inch of my mother's apartment and now that the movers are here, everything is just going to fall into place, and tomorrow all of this will be better.

Oh, it's cute well they're putting the roof on.

So you can hear that that's certainly over okay, oh yeah.

What do you think they watch in the they have this yeah, these four people in here right now living with this in her bedroom? Hmm, the bedroom, is a bit small.

How big is that bed? I wonder I mean it's gonna.

Go this way right, yeah, I think so now I will say this.

The floor plan said it was approximate, and that was an understatement.

I am confusion I had diagrams.

There was a tool on there where you could slide it to like put your little, the sizes of your furniture, and I had it all planned out- and the first thing I know is that there is nothing going in that bedroom, but a bed she doesn't need two night stands.

I just that's what we packed did we get? We got four chairs that go with that table.

We don't think we need four.

I don't think four will fit, build the table first and then we'll see okay, so we need to build the table first, then we need to build the couch uh.

I'm scared, okay, because I took this on and I did all this furniture and I bought this couch.

I bought this tv.

I got this stuff and now I'm looking at this square.

That does not look how it did on the internet, and I do not know where this is gonna go.

I'm gonna be real.

Okay, I don't know.

I think it's this one with the wreath right here: oh okay, yeah yeah after you, okay.

Well, let's start outside all right, let's start outside, so we saw that on the way in someone approaches, they'll know who they're dealing with.

I thought we were gonna try to keep stray men away from this door.

It's gonna you're gonna, hear a lot of wheelchairs going beep beep backing it up.

I am so excited my mom moves.

Oh my god, I'm gonna cry.


Surprise! My mom moves into abbotswood tomorrow morning, right here, you'll see hinchey's automatic food bowl and henshi's automatic water bowl.

It's been eight weeks since my mother had her stroke and we are now about to do what the doctors warned us at one time was something that we would probably never be doing, and that is welcoming her back home.

This is for her snacks is where the chocolates go.

Yes, I just can't wait to see her.

I can't wait to see her out in the world because there was a big chance.

You know two months ago that she was never leaving that hospital alive and then dad these are for mom's bibs, because when she goes down to the dining room, you don't want to have a towel around herself, so they're pretty and then look what we got for you, because mom doesn't want to wear a bib by herself.

I could put a jacket on and then and look at this.

This is a crumb catcher.

Now that we're in here by ourselves, can we take our masks off yeah yeah.

I really feel very confident that this move is going to be good for mom and I also just feel so nervous.

You know I feel, like I'm, I'm like putting my daughter on the school bus for the first time or something because mom is really a homebody and I just so want her to enjoy her time there.

Well, I want to try out this couch.

First of all, I want to see if you did a good job.

Okay, it's nice, okay and then here we have some candles for the vibe dad to the left.

You will see her extra pillow there down by her chair is, for her hand to rest her hand on this unexpected stroke that bab's had has challenged us all, but for babs to uh make the progress that she made.

Uh gave us all a lot of uh hope.

Babs is well on the way to being back to the beds that we all know and love tomorrow's graduation day.

So, but today was an emotional day for you mom, you know knowing she's coming here tomorrow.

She took pictures with all the therapists they all got behind her because she's had this journey with these uh therapists.

There's a real bond there, because she's been through a lot and she's accomplished a lot, a lot better outcome than what we were dealing with early on that started out, laying in a bed with her mouth open, and that was about it.

I was trying to share a picture with hunter and he couldn't even look at it.

So you, okay! What's up, it's been a long road to get her here and I just I just wanted to be really happy, but she's gonna be to think that two months ago I thought I was gonna, be burying her and now you know she's going off to this little new adventure.

I got really stressed out decorating her place and everything because I just wanted it's not home, but I wanted it to feel as much like home as possible.

I love her so much and I want this to be so good for her.

I just I don't want her to be nervous or timid, and I want her to feel accepted and happy.

You know, I don't know why I'm so sad, why are you just being happy and excited? No, I am happy.

I mean this, you know should be something that she's thrilled with.

I don't know you just try to do something for her and you just want her.

You just want it to be right.

You want her to be happy and well I'll.

Tell you right now.

This couldn't be more right.

So don't worry about that.

This is pretty right.

Okay, I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to have my mother going to have its wood.

The stress level is like way down here right now so, and it's been a very stressful two months since she had the stroke, I mean just constant stress so to get abbott's wood and have that taken care of just I mean you know just you can breathe.

You know it's easier to breathe.

I'm sitting here.

Thinking about you know just the day it happened, and I'm thinking about the doctor saying she's not going to make it and and for us to be here right now and are moving in here tomorrow, and this place looks so good and this facility being so nice, and everything like this is.

This is really special mm-hmm everything's pointing up yeah.

She doesn't love it.

Come here, love you love you.

I know you put your heart and soul into it.


We are so thrilled that she is on the earth, and that is all we need.

So this is just like a privilege.

You may come, do your apartment in it later.

Actually, I hope we can look forward to happier times it's been so long since we've been together.

I could not have asked for a more perfect and wonderful life's partner cheers you.


Did Whitney from Big Fat Fabulous Life lose weight? ›

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore has gone through an incredible weight loss transformation, which she has documented on Instagram. My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has gone through an impressive weight loss transformation.

How much does Whitney weigh on Big Fat Fabulous Life? ›

The series chronicles the life of Whitney Way Thore, a woman who weighed 380 pounds (170 kg) at the beginning of the series (which is partially attributed to polycystic ovary syndrome).

Does Babs recover on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? ›

While the virus looked set to complicate Babs' recovery, a new clip from Episode 2 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10, exclusive to Newsweek, shows that Babs surprises her whole family by making a miraculous recovery.

How much of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is scripted? ›

Thore doubles-down that the show isn't scripted

Some fans took to Thore's Instagram to ask whether or not the show was a depiction of real life, or if aspects of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" were totally scripted (via Soap Dirt). Thore responded to clarify that the show is edited, but not scripted.

Why did Whitney put on weight? ›

In high school, Whitney had a passion for dance with dreams of becoming a professional, but her big aspirations came with a price, and she struggled with her self-image and an eating disorder. However, once Whitney was diagnosed with Pcos and started gaining weight, she had to view her body in an entirely new way.

What is wrong with Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? ›

It's #worldmentalhealthday and I just want to remind you that if you're struggling, you're not alone,” Whitney said. “I was diagnosed with depression at 18 and have been dealing with it for more than 20 years. I've also been diagnosed with atypical anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Did Babs Thore pass away? ›

Is Whitney's mom OK? ›

What does Heather from My Big Fat Fabulous Life do for a living? ›

Apart from being a mom and having a passion for theatre, Heather also runs her own business. According to Comparably, her business, Global Directors of Editorial Services, is roughly estimated to be worth around $180k-$270k. She also earns quite a bit from her appearances on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Is Babs ok now? ›

Barbara “Babs” Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has died aged 76, her daughter announced. Whitney Thore shared an Instagram post on Thursday night (8 December) confirming that Barbara had died of cerebral amyloid angiopathy, which can lead to haemorrhaging in the brain.

Did Babs have a 3rd stroke? ›

Barbara had three strokes since 2017, with the last one occurring on Nov.

What day did Barbara Thore pass away? ›

June 22, 1946 - December 7, 2022

Barbara Way Thore, known as Babs, passed away peace...

Why doesnt Whitney of My Big Fat Fabulous Life lose weight? ›

My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows the reality star's journey as a dancer dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance in women, and symptoms include excess hair growth, irregular periods, and in Whitney's case, weight gain.

Is My Big Fabulous life fake? ›

Some fans took to Thore's Instagram to ask whether or not the show was a depiction of real life, or if aspects of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" were totally scripted (via Soap Dirt). Thore responded to clarify that the show is edited, but not scripted.

Does the cast of My Big Fat Fabulous Life get paid? ›

While Whitney's exact salary from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is unknown, Cheat Sheet estimates that she makes anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per episode.

Does Whitney Thore eat a lot? ›

Additionally, Thore said, she has trouble eating regularly, and typically has one or two meals a day. Sometimes that meal is enough food to “eat past the point of fullness,” while other times she is not eating enough.

Does Whitney have PCOS? ›

I've known I've had PCOS since I was like 21, and I'm 35 [now],” she said. “And I don't normally get emotional when I talk about it, and I think I just kind of like, try not to think about it a lot.

Does Whitney Thore have health issues? ›

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore has been facing health issues, but PCOS may not be the sole reason. For years, she has struggled with rapid weight gain and other subsequent problems, which she has related to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Is Whitney Thore diabetes? ›

With Season Two about to debut, Thore is hoping to shed light on yet another difficult symptom of PCOS: insulin resistance. "My battle with diabetes is a huge focus of this season," say Thore, who was diagnosed pre-diabetic earlier this year. "Type 2 Diabetes is not a death sentence, but it's something I want to avoid.

Did Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life have gastric bypass surgery? ›

And Heather was happy to hear that Thore changed her mind. "I am relieved to find out that Whitney has decided against weight loss surgery," Heather says in an interview.

Did Whitney from Big Fat Fabulous life lose her mom? ›

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star shared that her mother had died peacefully at home surrounded by Whitney, her father Glenn and brother Hunter.

What is the latest news about Babs Thore? ›

She suffered from a stroke in 2021, and it looked like she was on the road to recovery. However, Whitney shared that Babs had another one in November 2022, ultimately leading her health to decline, and she passed away on December 7, 2022.

Did Whitney Thore get married? ›

Now that we've established Whitney (probably) isn't married, let's move onto the other question of the hour: Who, if anyone, is she dating? At the end of Season 9, Whitney was preparing to fly out and meet her French tutor/crush for the first time in person.

Is Whitney's mom Babs? ›

Born June 22, 1946, Babs shares two children, Whitney and Hunter, with her longtime husband, Glenn.

What happened to Whitney's mom Babs? ›

Whitney revealed her mom had been diagnosed with cerebral amyloid angiopathy, an untreatable progressive condition that can cause brain bleeding, strokes and dementia. She began having strokes in 2017 and most recently suffered a stroke on November 13.

How is Babs doing after her stroke? ›

At Abbotswood, she continues to get therapy, delicious meals 3 times a day, and she is able to interact with lots of people. Abbotswood is home to us now and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for loving my mother.

Is Whitney Thore in a relationship? ›

Whitney Is Now In An Open Relationship

As viewers know, Whitney met her French beau while using a language app. He was her tutor, and they struck up a friendship.

Are Whitney and Heather really cousins? ›

This season's most anticipated stars are The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Heather Gay and Whitney Rose. In addition to appearing on their new show together, they are also second cousins.

Where does Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life live? ›

Whitney Way Thore (born April 14, 1984) is an American television personality best known for her appearances on the television show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which airs on TLC. Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.

Are Whitney and Heather feuding? ›

In January 2023, the cousins discussed their feud face-to-face at the RHOSLC reunion. Whitney told the group that she and Heather were cordial, but she decided to “put some boundaries” between them to protect herself from future drama.

Did Whitney's mom have another stroke? ›

When mom had her first stroke in 2017, we were told of this and we knew that more strokes would eventually be inevitable. Mom's second stroke was December 28, 2021 and her last was November 13, 2022," she wrote.

How old is Whitney on TLC? ›

How old is Babs? ›

Barbara "Babs" Costello did not plan to be the internet's grandma. The 74-year-old influencer — who recently teamed up with Pop-Tarts for their new frosted banana bread flavor — has taken social media by a storm with her seemingly never-ending supply of lifestyle tips and tricks.

Who is Babs that passed away? ›

Babs Thore Had Multiple Hemorrhagic Strokes

June 22, 1946—December 7, 2022. My mother died last night just as the credits rolled on her favorite movie.

Are Whitney and Lennie together? ›

1 Whitney Thore & Lennie Alehat Are Best Friends

Whitney and Lennie's unconventional friendship has continued to grow over the years on My Big Fat Fabulous Life since they broke up. Whitney recently posted on her Instagram account how she celebrated her 39th birthday.

Where did Whitney Way Thore go to college? ›

Alumna Whitney Way Thore's accomplishments have been vast since graduating from Appalachian State University in 2007.

Did Jessica on My Big Fat Fabulous Life gain weight? ›

"Once you get to a certain point where you just put on so much weight, it's like, 'What's the point?' " Jessica told FOX8 WGHP in 2019. "The weight just kept coming and kept coming. And you know, 150 pounds turned into 175, and 175 to over 200.

How does PCOS affect your weight? ›

PCOS can make your body resistant to insulin, causing your pancreas to make more the hormone. That extra insulin promotes fat storage and increases hunger, which can cause weight gain. Other hormones that regulate hunger and fullness can also be affected with PCOS.

Did Chase Severino get married? ›

Since then, Chase has shared no update indicating that he and Sara are officially husband and wife, but it's only a matter of time. The two also bought their first home together in the summer of 2021.

Who is the female trainer on My Big Fat Fabulous Life? ›

Jessica Powell was introduced to viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life as Whitney Thore's trainer.

Who is Chase from My Big Fat Fabulous Life engaged to? ›

💍 My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore is officially engaged to fiancé Chase Severino. ❤️ Tap. I don't normally watch your show but I...

How much is Buddy from My Big Fat Fabulous Life worth? ›

Buddy isn't strapped for cash though, with a net worth of $300,000, according to Stars Offline. When it comes to his love life, Buddy has bounced around a bit.

What is Whitney's net worth? ›

Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images. What was Whitney Houston's net worth at the time of her death? Whitney Houston's net worth was $20 million when she died, according to Cheat Sheet.

Did Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life get lip injections? ›

Fans watched as the first needle delivered filler into her lips. From the start, Whitney was hooked. During her procedure, she asked for more filler than she thought she would, and some followers didn't think that was the best idea.

Does Whitney have diabetes? ›

At the end of the Season Finale, Whitney learns that she's been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, which should be surprising to no one.

How did Babs pass away? ›

Babs Thore Had Multiple Hemorrhagic Strokes.

When did Babs pass away from My Big Fat Fabulous Life? ›

Barbara “Babs” Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has died aged 76, her daughter announced. Whitney Thore shared an Instagram post on Thursday night (8 December) confirming that Barbara had died of cerebral amyloid angiopathy, which can lead to haemorrhaging in the brain.

Did Whitney have a baby? ›

Houston and Bobby welcomed a daughter named Bobbi Kristina Brown in March 1993. She was Houston's first and only child, while Bobby has fathered seven kids.

How much weight did Whitney lose? ›

In November of 2020, Whitney revealed that she was down 70 pounds, which fans thought could have been in preparation for weight loss surgery.

What medical condition does Whitney have? ›

For years, she has struggled with rapid weight gain and other subsequent problems, which she has related to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. However, more insight into Whitney's lifestyle may reveal there's another explanation at the root of it all.

How much does Whitney get paid per episode? ›

While Whitney's exact salary from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is unknown, Cheat Sheet estimates that she makes anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per episode. Terence Michael, a reality producer, told E News back in 2009 that TLC generally doles out 10 percent of its production budget to the cast of a show.

What was Whitney favorite food? ›

Whitney's favorite food was – Sushi, Tomato Soup, Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Pie and 'Pop-Tarts'. Her favorite cereal was Fruity Pebbles! She denied starring on The Cosby Show as Sondra Huxtable because she wanted to be a singer. She couldn't sign the contract because she wanted to have time to tour.

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